How to select best Salon & Spa software in 2020?

by Dilip Sharma November 20, 2019

Beauty has always been rated first among all the other essential stuff that needs attention. When beauty has it all, how can we not consider managing salons? It’s maintenance is only possible under the usage of the best salon software. People around the world are electing wellness treatments on the topmost priority in their day to day life.

Surely, the software tools have changed the overall view of the beauty centers as they aim at providing an overall magnificent approach to their customers. This trend has deepened its existence globally with the help of technology as it has proved a real game-changer in the industry. The use of AI systems is helping in boosting up sales by booking online, interaction through social platforms along with recognition of their brand.

Having a salon working properly surely needs a software. Enlisted below can be used as a pre-checklist before going for a purchase.

1. The software must be User-friendly.

The system of the software must be easy to use by its members without any hard-core training. Try going for speedy and highly responsive systems rather than incorporating in something less, which can be harmful to your business growth, in the long run. Modern solutions come with an intuitive and clean interface that assures proper management of the appointments of booking and making the billing process easier for clients. Apply for a simple platform as a priority than having a complex one to keep your business rich and abundant.

2. Opt for a system which helps to boost your relations with customers.

Prefer an integrated CRM over a mere POS as this will help you build a strong foundation with your customers. Repeated clients are important over the scepticism of the new ones. It must be flexible to manage the attractive programme schemes like loyalty to keep influencing your customers to come back for availing the services. Customisation will add a personal touch wherein greetings on special occasions or the discounts will strengthen the relationship with customers by adding them into your valued customer base. Handling of customer-centric programmes should be easy as your software will be responsible for handling automated mails and also the content on social media for capturing the audience you desire.

3. Online Booking Mechanism

Choose software that provides an online booking feature that is fully integrated and allows you to handle appointments without any overlapping, making it clear & sound. Introduce appointment opportunities in your salon for 24*7. This as a feature will help your profits grow and also make easier for your business to work.

4. Proper handling of inventory

POS is responsible for accounting the retail side of the spa and salon industry. The toughest zone for the industry is selling of their merchandise, because the management of both the client service and the retail business when in concern is bookkeeping, it’s even more challenging. A salon software must bring all the income streams under the same canopy, the same interface making the procedure of handling easy. Ideally, this feature has been listed as the most effective and easiest of all.

5. Security

With the enhancement in technology, the rate of cyber threats are all advancing, may it be related to hacking or even though spamming. Upon integration of data related to employees & the clients and even the necessary information available of the sales with the extensive online data, securing system is a need. Hacking is a major threat that can even destroy your business completely. Second rated risk is employee theft and fraud. Look for the software which can restrict the staff from accessing a certain amount of valued information. Creation of roles as per your choice along with their configuration access can be brought into account.

6. Performance Analyzer

Go for a software which enables record tracking of your salon’s performance. You can even set targets for the year, quarter or month and configure them easily along with the comparison of the authentic data. Small targets can also be set for branch or on the location growth, inventory turnover, client acquisition and stylish performance. This will enhance your marketing strategies. Just remember wisely choosing a software makes your business rather dumping it in any loss.

A software is equivalent to a catalyst, as it helps your business with extensive growth and profitability. Therefore, choosing the righteous is very important. The process would be made a lot easier by focusing on centric business operations.

Above mentioned points will help you choose wisely. Use technology for elevating your business into happier customers and heavier profits. Wishing you and your flourishing business good luck for getting ahead of the curve by the power of tech!

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