by Poornima Sharma May 04, 2020

If you see the literal definition of meditation- It means focusing or concentrating your mind and thoughts on a particular object or a person (whoever you worship or follow).
But, I took meditation as something different practice. For doing meditation you need not have very calm space or surroundings, you can meditate anywhere anytime and at anyplace.

For me, do the things you really enjoy doing, your passion for things is mediation. Things you love and love to do- If, I talk about the Adiyogi, a supreme mediator, the first yogi of the universe. He is a passionate lover, a lord of the dance (Natraj), and a transformer.

Shiva as a passionate lover, loving someone like, Shiva does it as a form of meditation. It’s the purest feeling. To feel it, just look deep down in the eyes of the person who you love. They could be your parents, your husband or wife, your kids you see the reflection of yourself in their eyes, and that in return will give you eternal satisfaction and energy. Shower your love to them and feel the brightness. That I call mediation

Shiva as a lord of dance, if we see the Natraj form. We see how he is balancing his whole body on one leg and holding things like fire, elephant’s hand, a musical instrument, and snake in his hand and still dancing. He is meditative even doing the dance. This shows balancing the things in life whether it’s your work, family, and personal life. Balance in life is a form of meditation.

Shiva as a transformer, for any beginning there should be the end of something then only the recreation is possible. Start living in the present because the past is no more and thinking about the future gives us stress and makes as weak. Transform your being into the present and live life as it is. Living in the present is a form of meditation.

Go deep into your thoughts and think about what gives you immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. I bet, not a fraction of second negative thoughts will come into your mind. You feel full of energy and happiness in your own space. That is your meditation.

“Om Namah Shivaay”

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