by Poornima Sharma May 06, 2020


Today which seems to very exercise these days… We learn about patience from Ram Charit Manas. There are various characters in Ram Charit Manas who teaches us patience.

I am going to talk about great Ahilya and Shabari. They had an immense level of patience. Ahilya was cursed for infidelity by her husband Hrishi Gautam and she was cursed to become a stone. She had waited patiently for Shri Ram for thousands of years. But it was her patience and great faith in Shri Ram which encouraged her to stay in one posture.

The second was Shabari, (Shabari is used as a metaphor of endless wait for God). who just wanted a one moment where she can meet his lord whom she worshiped like anything. She also had faith in her lord that one fine day Shri Ram will come to visit her. So, the conclusion of writing all this in a very short form- that Ram Charit Manas teaches us how to have patience in this tough time where we can’t go out.
Have some patience, this lockdown will over, everything will become normal- we all human will be back to our normal routine, just like it was before. So here we must show some patience to show we can stay at home even if the lockdown extends, we can control our temptation of eating outside food, going to visit your dream place, meeting your loved ones if they are staying in a different city or country. Everything will become as usual. The dark storm of this virus will pass away, and we’ll see the bright sunlight of a new normal. We should have to Learn from Ram Charit Manas.

“Jai Shri Ram”

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