Tips for Work From Home efficiently during lockdown.

by Megha Choubey May 15, 2020

How to Work From Home efficiently during the lockdown. 

Has the Corona virus lockdown forced you to Work-from-home? Studies reveal that many workers are facing extra challenges during this lockdown, from juggling between kids and WFH to increased workloads as the teams try to stay connected remotely. 

Though there had been companies that had implemented WFH for their employees in the past with remote working and hot-desking infrastructural setups. For most of us, it is relatively a new phenomenon. 

However, there is a way to work from home successfully. For this, I would like to provide you with some tips to keep up your focus and productivity.

  • Behave as you are in the office. 

Working remotely can be a luxury once in a while for which people are excited, but in the present scenario, it has become our full-time obligation. For achieving a smooth workflow we should set up a comfortable workplace at home to ensure a healthy sitting posture and optimum focus to work ergonomically. Also, a professional dress code helps in setting up the right environment and maintain office vibes throughout the day. 

  • Structure your day and think like an Entrepreneur. 

Structuring your day involves setting up a to-do list for each day. While working remotely it becomes imperative to plan your day and set up some realistic goals not only for yourself but probably for those in your team also. These will help you remain focused and avoid burnout. Also, this pandemic situation calls us to become “Out Of The Box” thinkers. Fresh and innovative ideas to scale up the business will be helpful in long run. Its time to dig out the entrepreneur in you, to think about what you can do to define the problems and seek out the solutions to help your company to stay above water. So throw your boxes away to survive!

  • Stay in touch. 

In this technological era, working from home does not mean working in isolation. So why not keep up the team spirit by scheduling calls and meeting as normal. If not for the usual boardrooms may be virtually through various technologies like ZOOM, SKYPE. Connect with your colleagues to know if they are able to cope up or if any challenges which need to be addressed. Your productivity might increase in absence of office distractions… oh but we need to consider some of them at home…

  • Accept distractions. 

When you are at home there will be a large number of distractions that you will face. 

        • The household chores 
        • The kids 
        • The TV 
        • Social Media 
        • The Partner etc. 

We will have to accept that some of these can be dealt with while others cannot be as they are a reality – as long as they do not consume your entire working day. It is better to adapt and explain to children about your work but children will be children. A good working time table with clearly defined breaks may come to your rescue. For others, you will have to control your urge to give in to social media which can prove a major distraction and take you away from your target. By doing this you can become a trustworthy employee for WFH even after COVID lockdown. 

  • Get some exercise. 

Practicing some inbound moves, yoga, etc. will not only recharge your mood but will also keep you in shape. If you are fighting depression or mood swings due to loneliness reach out to others, surely they would be doing the same. Staying connected will help you sail out of negativity. 

  • Learn something new. 

This time comes as the best opportunity to give yourself a shot of new skills. Sign-up of different courses to bolster your employability and cognitive skills. As the work is likely to slow down for most of us during the crisis, this boost in skills will open up new avenues of growth and success. 

Until next time STAY HEALTHY. STAY SAFE !!! 

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