Top Rated Salon and Spa Management Software

Handy, Best, Cloud based Salon & Spa Software
Trust a team dedicated to your comfortness and success

Handy, Best, Cloud based Salon & Spa Software
Trust a team dedicated to your comfortness and success

Fully automate your Salon or Spa business with DINGG.
We offer a comprehensive online business management
tool to grow your business and streamline the day to day


Best Salon and Spa Software For Your Business

Are you in search of Spa management software to boost your business? Look no further; DINGG takes care of everything.

DINGG is a salon and spa management software designed to make daily management of your spa or salon very easy. It is loaded with features like online booking, billing, staff management, and marketing tools to simplify your day-to-day salon & spa management.

DINGG helps you enhance the customer experience and attract new customers through the automation of critical business processes.

Choose the best spa management software,  DINGG, and grow your business.

DINGG Salon Spa Software Features

Online Booking

Online Booking

DINGG has a classy & flexible booking dashboard with a powerful calendar that can handle all your salon & spa bookings. Customers can book appointments through the customer App, your own website, and Facebook, All booking goes to the centralized calendar. You can provide a self-serving facility to the walk-in customers through a tab or any touch screen device.



Manage your Inventory, employees schedule, access & login permissions, and daily expenses. Powerful analytics & reports to analyze your daily and monthly sales for better revenue estimate and planning.



Flexible POS for fast, simple, and hassle-free checkout. Access client information, manage your membership, secure redemption of packages, vouchers & prepaid with taking care of multiple payment modes. Suggestive selling is the perfect ending to a great salon visit!

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

DINGG can make your Salon act like MAGNET for customers, to attract & retain customers.

DINGG’s marketing module would give you a complete insight into customer’s spending behavior and visit history to connect with them through an automated system to retain existing and lost customers.

Get The Best Spa Software For Your Business Today!

DINGG is an ideal spa management system developed for spas and salons to manage their business with ease. Get in touch with us for more details or request a free demo today!

Why Do You Need DINGG Spa Management Software?

DINGG is one of the most prominent spa management app for businesses of any scale and size. DINGG can help your business by centralizing everything under one system.

Our booking management platform is designed for spas and salons to handle their daily operations smoothly and professionally.

Customer experience - DINGG offers a refreshing approach to your business. DINGG salon and spa management software will help you stay connected with your customers seamlessly. Whether it is online appointments, past services, it empowers the customers by giving them a self-managing platform to handle all their requirements.

Ease of UseDINGG salon and spa management software is extremely easy to use. The spa software offers an easy interface for customers as well as business owners. Its automated features like online booking reminders, offers, and alerts make it easy for spas and salons and customers to use it. It stores all the customer information, purchase history, consultation, the invoice in one place thus making it easy for both customers and business owners to access the information whenever required.

Boost Revenues - A strong customer base will eventually bring about better revenue. DINGG salon and spa management software can help to expand your business goals. It can help you grow your revenues by providing you with an excellent collaboration platform to reach and target potential customers. You can take your marketing strategies to another level with DINGG’s marketing module that includes emailing and SMS promotions.

Fully Customized - DINGG is fully customized salon spa software to suit your business requirements. It is specially designed to fit businesses of any scale and size. Whether you are running a small salon or spa or own a chain of salons or spas, DINGG can be fully customized as per your need. DINGG can be easily added with your other existing platforms via API integration. 

DINGG Spa Booking software brings the best to you

Being one of the leading salon and spa management software, DINGG is designed to cater to the needs of the audience. With DINGG, you can stay focused on getting the best for your salon and spa.

We are trusted by over 2000 spas and salons for their spa management software requirement.

Not sure if DINGG would work out the best for you? Download the app, request a free trial, and proceed only if you like it.

DINGG Spa and Salon Management Software FAQ’s

How long will it take to start with DINGG Spa and Salon Management Software?

You can start using Dingg within a day’s time once you give us the confirmation.

Can I migrate from my existing software to DINGG.

Yes, we offer a hassle free approach to migrate your all customer data & history to DINGG.

What is the system requirement for DINGG?

DINGG is a cloud based spa and salon management software. You can run on any device easily. You just need a basic internet connection to access it from anywhere.

Do you provide integration with Facebook & Website?

Yes, we do provide website integration and Facebook integration with Dingg Spa and Salon management app.

Do you have APP for the business?

Yes, Dingg comes with an APP feature for the businesses.

What kind of support do you provide?

We have a dedicated customer support team to assist you with daily operations. If you have any problem in using any module or need assistance with something else, you can get in touch with our support team on phone, whatsapp or email.

Does DINGG Salon management software have an online payment facility?

Yes, we offer online payment features for your customers for online booking or other services. We have tied up with multiple payment partners for easy facilitation of payment.

Is there a monthly recurring fee or a yearly subscription.

We offer a ‘Pay as you go’ model where you are free to avail the service as long as you desire. With a yearly subscription, you are eligible for an exclusive discount.

Do you have APP available for the customer to book the appointment?

Yes, we have the app available on both Google play store and Apple store. The customers can download the app for free and can manage their details easily via the app including online appointments.

Can you provide a website for our salon/spa ?

Yes, Dingg salon management system comes with a website builder to create your own spa/salon website easily. It has 100’s of prebuilt templates to make the job easy for you.



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