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DINGG can make your Salon act like MAGNET for customers, to attract & retain customers. DINGG’s marketing module would give you complete insight of customer’s spending behaviour and visit history to connect with them through an automated system to retain existing and lost customers.

Automated campaigns to increase the footfall by giving monthly or festival offers.

DINGG Marketplace

DINGG marketplace increases your visibility, promotes the brand and helps you to attract new customers. Interns you will have more footfall

SMS & Email Marketing

Powerful tool to make your brand known through sender id. Promotes offers through SMS & Email marketing to your regular, high spending, lost customers or new customers etc.

Customer Segmentation

Plenty of default segmentations from male\female customers, Regular to lost customers, high spending customers and many more to target with different marketing strategies based on customer type.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a tool to create different campaigns for birthday\anniversaries, service reminders, festival offers etc.

Retain existing

DINGG provides a way to give personalized touch to every customer which helps to retain them for a longer duration.


You can easily define loyalty level to identify & retain loyal customers.

Membership Rewards

Sale membership and retain customers by using the reward points.

24/7 Booking

Boost your sale by providing multiple ways to book the appointments.

Migration from old software to DINGG

Hassle free approach to migrate your all Customer data & history to DINGG and make you comfortable is the job of our support team.

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