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Manage your Inventory, employees schedule, access & login permissions and daily expenses. Powerful analytics & reports to analyse your daily and monthly sales for better revenue estimate and planning.

Manage everything under one platform!


Like revenue, expenses are a very important part to punch in to get a clear picture of profits through reports

Exmployee Schedule

Manage employees schedule with fewer clicks to show the calendar with only available stylists.

Access & Permission

Create multiple login accounts for manager, receptionist with complete control to provide the required permissions.

Manage Clients

Manage your clients with a complete history of services, memberships, product purchases, invoices, reward points, b’day and anniversary data.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations with a single dashboard and owner\manager can track remotely from anywhere.


Manage inventory of consumable and retail products with the option to issue and add consumption after the services get completed.

Analytics & Reports

With analytics, easily track what works and what doesn’t. It also helps to scale faster and become more efficient. Reports will give you insight of revenue, tax, staff performance, expenses and many more.

Auto SMS Reports

EOD Reports SMS report to the admin\manager of complete day transactions at the closing of business hours or on a single click.

Vendor Mobile App

Vendor mobile app to track the business remotely and also can be used at Salon or Spa to manage it.


Real time opinion of the client with immediate SMS to admin on negative feedback to correct it before it damages the reputation. Feedback reports to understand clients likes & dislikes about your salon.


Multilingual switch option to provide better usability as per your local language.

Migration from old software to DINGG

Hassle free approach to migrate your all Customer data & history to DINGG and make you comfortable is the job of our support team.

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